Opto Generic Devices (OGD) formed the subsidiary company, OGD Variable-HVAC (or  V-HVAC), to address and improve motor efficiency and control  in the Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry, one of the largest users of AC electric motors. 

 Demand for improved climate control products continues to grow not just domestically, but globally. Energy consumption is of serious concern for most nations of the world. Increasing electricity demand, diminishing fossil fuels, rising energy costs, and  environmental impact all cry out for help. Yet no good solutions were available for the huge base of installed HVAC systems... till Now!

OGD V-HVAC's new fully Opto Programmed (OP) product is designed to provide cost effective control on a wide range of fractional horsepower AC motors and systems both for new and uniquely for already installed HVAC units and systems!  

 This new "Adaptive Speed" Control System is called the "A1 Motor Control Unit" or .....  "A1-Silver Standard".

The new OP technology incorporated in the A1 - Silver Standard gives it unique exciting  features and functions not seen before in a package of this compact size, simplicity, low cost yet high function! 

The A1-Silver Standard can field upgrade a wide range of motors up to 2 hp in minimal time and cost, giving enhanced function to a variety of already installed systems.  It easily interfaces to a range of user selectable inputs and sensors. 

The patented technology has been verified by a wide range of experts and organizations. The U.S. Dept of Energy (DOE),  New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), universities and others all have documented the huge benefits and improvements that the OP based products bring to both "New And Not-so-New" HVAC systems and motors.

The "A1 Unit" has been successfully installed in schools, universities, hospitals, banks, homes, businesses and more.  All have found many tangible positive results that exceeded expectations.  They / we have discovered that energy savings is not the only buying criterion for our products. 

Unique control capabilities save energy, in huge unprecedented amounts, but also improve the climate of an air conditioned space enhancing indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality

But these are still not the only important buying criteria. In the process of saving energy and improving comfort we can also significantly reduce the noise levels of the motors and fans of the HVAC systems. Reduced noise is one feature that more people want than many other reasons, especially in installed units.

Our new line of Motor and HVAC System Control products produce so many desirable benefits and can accomplish this at such a comparatively low cost versus our “competition” that the market is unimaginably big - and still growing. 

 After several years of inventing, designing, prototyping, refining, patenting, validating, manufacturing, and installing, OGD V-HVAC is now ready to meet the global demand and need for comfort creating and energy saving products. 

Energy savings, coupled with the universal desire for comfort and quiet, present our biggest opportunity and perhaps also our biggest challenge. To ramp-up and maintain a production capacity that can keep pace with this demand has prompted partnering with both domestic and international affiliates. 

High demand, ability to mass produce, and a potent first product in the A1-Silver Standard  offer a unique opportunity to partner with OGD V-HVAC as a distributor or as a customer.  We're looking for optimum early markets, installs and partners who can help achieve such.

OGD V-HVAC is helping to overcome excessive HVAC system noise, reduce electric motor inefficiency, save energy and improve indoor climate!

                 Welcome to…
                    …the Quiet Revolution ...™